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Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'll write more later, and hopefully post some of my Thailand pictures in the coming days. I just wanted to inform you that I did finally try some of those steamed silkworm pupas. They were given to us at a bar on a plate which also contained some little shredded-lettuce salad, some popcorn, some biscuit things, and maybe some other stuff. When an old woman is selling them out of a tub on the street, it's pretty easy not to eat them. I mean, you have to go through the process of talking to her and then she has to put them in a paper cup for you, and I'm not a big fan of wasting stuff where it can be avoided. However, at the bar, they were just given to me with no extra effort expenditure on my part, and not eating them would've been a waste of food as well as of an opportunity. So I went for it.

The surprising result: it tastes and feels like you're chewing on dirt. It's not so bad that you need to throw up - though the smell alone is almost enough to get you there - but there's nothing pleasant about the experience other than that the critters are small and you can just swallow them whole if you want it to be over ASAP.

Also, congratulations on your wedding, Jamal.

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