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Thursday, October 04, 2007

꿈 = Dream

Just to answer Bob's question from the comments section on the previous post.

I have indeed had two dreams in Korean, but they both happened a long time ago. The first doesn't really count - I went to bed with a stomach ache and rolled around muttering 불고기 (bulgogi) to myself. That was pretty early on.

The second was a little more interesting. I don't know which country the dream was set in, but I was in or next to a field, and on the other end was some museum, outside of which was a statue of Dante Alighieri. Maybe. Also, I think Jamal was with me, but I'm not sure. Could have been a lady that I tutored in Italian while I was in St. Louis. My companion wanted to go walk on the sidewalk, but I said that we should just cut across the field. I really wanted to see that statue. Unfortunately some Korean farmer got upset because we were stomping around on his livelihood, so I dream-told him 다시 그렇게 안 할 거예요. (Again like this not do will/ We won't do it again!) I had this dream probably about 3 or 4 months into my stay, so the grammar doesn't strike me as particularly good, though I'm not too sure I would say it any better now.


Bob said...

Strong work. Amazingly enough, I had a few dreams in French during my later years (as unbelievable as that may be).

I haven't started to dream in British English yet, I'll keep you posted on if that happens.

Jeff said...

Post, biznaga.