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Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been called many a less-than-glorious name...

Everyone here knows that I've had my odd hair stages in the past, ranging from the high school buzz-cut to the pre-Italy nameless monstrosity and all the generally talentless (but much appreciated!) friend-given haircuts since. When I arrived in Korea, I had a pretty nice version of what many called "the beatle" cut. The children here called me "pagaji mori," which is something like "gourd head." I was also said to have a striking resemblance to "chocosongi," a little dancing pantless bowl-headed mushroom man featured on a chocolate-cookie type snack box. Once I got that trimmed back a little, I became "yangpa mori," or "onion head." When I got it shorter yet, to the point where my ears were visible, I was dubbed "wonsungi," or "monkey." By now my hair has been stable for a while and I thought all my troubles were done with.

Not so. Yesterday, one of my favorite students - a middle schooler with a tendency to randomly spout odd things in class like "I love Johnny Depp!" or "Don't give me yellow star. It look...pee" or "There's a fly, so I'm not bored. I do my work today." - said to me, out of nowhere, "teacher, your hair look like ramen." I was pretty much flabbergasted, so I asked her what kind (she said Shin ramen, which is a spicy type, I believe), and whether she meant cooked or raw (she said cooked).

I just don't know what to say. I guess I'll have to get a haircut this weekend.

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Bob said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of ski-sloped shaped haircuts... I think you should go for that next.