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Saturday, July 14, 2007


is where I find myself at the moment. It's really awesome and I hope that I manage to pack the next 3 days with adventurous sort of things. I'm in the hostel now, and there's nobody around, which is sort of a shame. Also, I've had 2 pieces of bread and 3 little triangular seaweed-rice sandwiches for my meals today. Also, I climbed a mountain to see Seoul Tower. For those reasons, I'm going to head out again (it's 10:30 pm) and try to scare up a little grub. Look for some posts and pictures when I go back to work later in the week.


Megan said...

mike - i was offered the chance to do a year of my phd in bern today, which means i would be moving to switzerland in october or november. i think you should come with me. we can meddle on the mountainside.

Laura said...

I had forgotten about the spork baby. I am a horrible mother, but i'm glad you're the one who lost him.