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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A sufficient amoutnt of material to write about, but...

I've kind of become infatuated with http://www.aldaily.com. So generally if I have a non-dinner break (this month is nice - 3 30 min breaks on MWF and 2 on TTh) I go read a sweet article or two.

In the past weeks I've gone to an elementary-through-high school level martial arts competition/demonstration at some random park, a distant but nice peninsula that reminded me of capri, and someone's house for some home cooked bulgogi and bap and chapchae. Pictures from the may 27 voyage to the park are available at http://www.jeffstepp.com/mike/may27/

I'd post them here if I weren't busy reading an article about communism that I found on ALDaily


Bob said...

That's a pretty sweet turtle in the pictures.

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