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Monday, February 05, 2007

New Teacher?

Hey everyone.

I already mentioned this a while ago when the bosses were planning on getting a new teacher for February, but they decided to wait a month. Now they're ready to hire again, so if you know anyone who might possibly be interested in coming over here to work, please let them know about the opportunity. I've got an ad up on the Seoul craigslist, and they can of course email me for info. It really is a pretty sweet gig: good pay, good hours, good kids, nearby squash complex, etc. Plus the bosses will give me a bonus if I save them from having to pay a recruiter.

Class time. Don't neglect to read the post under this one. And don't neglect to earn me some money!


Laura said...


You should post this on idealist.org - thats where we international development/nonprofit people go to look for jobs. It might help.

Mike said...

My job's not really all that lucrative, but I think it's too lucrative for a site called "idealist.org." If the position weren't already filled, though, I'd give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

I'll write what little I know about the new teacher soon.

The Bombanaut said...

Biznaga where you at?!

Bob said...

I second the bombanaut... where is my good buddy from s.korea?