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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Just about 2 minutes ago I realized I had a bit of downtime here at work (middleschoolers are taking normal exams, so aren't coming to the academy) and decided to do a bit of blogging. While I was browing through the interface, which of course shows up in Korean here, I apparently managed to delete all of the posts and comments that we have so far come up with. Sorry about that, I'll try not to do it again. If any of you either have the pages in your browser cache or, for odd stalker reasons, have copied them all down and saved them in a slightly more foolproof format, please send them to me so that I can put them back up.

My apologies and condolences, once again.

In other news, a 4th or 5th grader put his hands in the little but pockets of my pants today and followed me around for a minute saying "Teacher, teacher!" I have no clue what that was about.

I also caused massive chaos in the school by giving a 50-cent piece to a kid who happened to say "Teacher, give me your money" while practicing with possessive adjectives. The whole place went buckwild, and I think it's safe to say that I'm probably the favorite teacher here. Too bad my bribe supply will run out within a few weeks.


The Bombanaut said...

That little kid stole the hands-in-your-pockets idea from me.

How's it coming with that electrical converter? Would it be easier if I bought one and mailed it to you?

A shame that all the old posts got deleted, but I'm pretty sure most people had a chance to read them. At least your new title is in English and doesn't show up on my screen as ??? ????? ?????!

Mike said...

I haven't really gone looking for the converter yet - I mean, since that first time when I confused the staff at the department store. The people here at school claim that they're looking for one but I don't think they actually are. I'll check around town this weekend, though. If I can't find one this weekend, maybe I'll make you pay me back for the one that yo mama broke in Italy.

Also, install a dang language pack, because more Korean script is imminent...

The Bombanaut said...

Point me to a Korean language pack for Firefox 2.0 and I'm there.

BTW, you've turned off anonymous comments for the blog, i.e. abacus-wielding people like Jamal can't comment.

megatron said...

hands in back pockets => huge giggle attack

Mike said...

I don't think the language pack has to be specifically for firefox. You could try going to the official daegu site (the wikipedia page has a link) in Korean and seeing if FF or IE prompts you to download something. If not you might have to install it from the windows cd or something...who knows. Anyway it's terribly important and I think everyone else probably wants to know how to do it, so figure it out, jeffypoo. Also, everyone needs to be able to be impressed when I write stuff in Korean.

The Bombanaut said...

I am victorious! In Internet Explorer, go to http://www.daegu.go.kr; it will ask you to install a Korean Language Pack. Click Yes and follow the prompts. Sadly, you will need your Windows XP install disk. And so far, Korean still doesn't work in my title bar, but it works on the web pages themselves.

I know none of you will do this by the way.

Adam said...

you sad, sad man

The Bombanaut said...

Whatever, Adam. You only wish you had hot little Koreans with their hands in your back pockets.