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Thursday, December 21, 2006


This building is on the corner of the street where I work. It's a pretty normal building, as far as I can tell, in terms of the different stores found inside. It's got some food and clothing stores downstairs, a bowling alley in the middle, an English school up top, and then above that, a Jesus Loves you sign. I'm not sure what that's all about

This is a photo of the street I work on, taken from a little overpass thingy that saves you the hassle of waiting for the walk sign. Way down on the end, I think you can make out part of the Jesus sign.

This is the building my school's in. We share the floor with the Oprah restaurant; if you could rotate the photo around the corner, you'd see our banners and what not On the ground floor, there's a convenience store, and above us there's a PC room, in which people chainsmoke for hours on end. I don't recommend going in.

I've also got 2 links for you, though I'm not sure they'll work. The first is a video of my room.

The second is an audio clip of the supermarket. Don't ask what he's saying, I don't know. I had a great success at the corndog stand just now, though, when I understood the woman when she said "dewo mot haeyo," or "I can't heat it up." Make sure to read the post below about heating corndogs and supermarket wildness.


sad megatron said...

i have a mac so i can't watch your video, its wmv :(

Adam said...

for a split second mike show's us his "mirror" which really looked a whole lot like mike holding up a camera for some reason.

The Bombanaut said...

megatron - you can download widows media player for mac!

The Bombanaut said...

For all of Mike's files, visit: http://jeffstepp.com/mike/


Jan (Gianna) said...

Mike, I love the video (and I had no trouble viewing it, even though I have a mac). I especially love the table with the hole in it. What an adventure. (By the way, maybe I missed it, but why/how did you end up choosing Korea?)

happy megatron said...

success! i got the wmv player thingy for mac. sorry i'm new at this mac thing.

my favorite part is your bed spread.

second favorite part: table.


megafunk said...

are your bathroom sandals the ones we unsuccessfully tried to un-stink in the tub?